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Shanghai Bayi Space Advanced Matertial Co.,Ltd.




Shanghai Bayi Space Advanced Matertial Co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Bayi Space LCD Technology Co.,Ltd. registered and established in Shanghai. Its main research fields include flat panel display materials and semiconductor materials, focusing on front-end technology innovation and key research directions such as polyimide materials and photoetching materials. It has set up 2 research branches (6 research laboratories), 1 analysis and testing center, and 1 joint maintenance unit. The total area of the overall laboratory and its supporting functions is about 3000 square meters, which will make full use of the advantages of high concentration of relevant industrial resources and international and professional talents in Shanghai Zhangjiang. Accelerate the integration into the development tide of Shanghai "global science and innovation center".




Address:Building 50, No. 1387, Zhangdong Road, Shanghai pilot Free Trade Zone

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